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          The Space Mechanism Museum Curator : Akira Sahara
The Strange Mechanism Museum -Neo-

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Here is "The Strange Mechanism Museum -Neo-".
This page recommends Experimental projects, Prototypes, Paper plans ,Canceled projects, and many interesting mechines.


Imperal Japanese Army
Prototypes & Paper Plans 1943 - 1945

Ikaros Publication Military Books No.14
ISBN: 4871498018  ¥1,700- (+ Shipping)
Author : Akira Sahara
Graphics : Shoji Hasegawa, Kunio Aoi
Text : Japanese Only.
213 pages

Chapter 1 Fighter
Ki-64, Ki-88, Ki-75, Ki-83, Ki-87, Ki-94, Ki-96, Ki-102, Ki-98, Ki-119, Shusui, Shusui-Kai, Karyu, Kayaba Katsuodori etc...
Chapter 2 Bommber & Attacker
Ki-66, Ki-109, Ki-68, Ki-91, Ki-74, Ki-93 etc...
Chapter 3 Reconnaissance Aircraft, Carrier, Trainer, Glider
Ki-70, Ki-72, ka-Go, Te-Go, Ki-92, Ku-1, ku-6 Flying Tank, Ku-7, Ki-105, Ku-8, Ku-9, Ku-11, Ki-107 etc...
Chapter 4 Experimental Aircraft & Missile
SS-1, Ki-73, Ki-77, Ki-78, ki-89, Ki-147, Ki-148, Ke-Go etc...

Appendix 1 Japanese Army Aircraft Engine
Appendix 2 Japanese Army Aircraft Firearms
Appendix 3 Japanese Army Aerial Bomb
Appendix 4 Japanese Army Aviation Radio
Appendix 5 Japanese Army Avionics Equipment

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