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2008 / 10 / 27 Updated.

Japan Air Self Defence Force
Major Equipments
Anti-Air Equipment
PATRIOT Ground to Air Missile (Missile Launcher )
Boeing E-767 AWACS
Kawasaki C-1
Lockheed C-130H Hercules
ECM Aircraft
Grumman E-2C Hawkeye
Fighter & Attker
Mcdnell-Dugras F-15DJ Eagle
Mitsubishi F-2A
Kawasaki - Vertol KV-107A
MItsubishi UH-60J
Mitsubishi T-2 (Blue Impals)
Kawasaki T-4
Minour Equipments
Fighter & Attker
Northamerican F-86D Sabre-Dog
Northamerican F-86F Sabre
Lockheed F-104J Starfighter
Canceled Fighter
Mitsubishi FS-X
ECM Aircraft
Kawasaki EC-1
Beech Craft B-65 Queen Air
Curtiss C-46 Command
Lockheed-Kawasaki T-33A (Wakataka)
North American T-6
North American T-28B
Fuji T-34A
Fuji T-1B
Canceled Trainer
Mitsubishi XT-4
Experimental Aircraft
De Habiland DH115 Vanpire T Mk.5
Curtiss C-46 Flying Test Bed
Saab 91B "Safir" Modified High Lift Experimental Plane
Mitsubishi T2 CCV Experimental Aircraft
Mitsubishi XF-2A
Kawasaki C-X
Mitsubishi ATD-X Shinshin
Reconnaissance Aircraft
Mcdunell-Douglas RF-4E Phantom II
Mcdunell-Douglas RF-4EJ Phantom II
Utirity Aircraft
Mitsubishi MU-2
Raytheon U-125A
Gulfstream U-4
Vertol Model 43 (Piasecki H-21C) "Flying Banna"
Shikorski S-62J
Terget Drone
Lockheed UF-104J Starfighter
Anti-Air Equipment
Rainmetal 20mm Twin Anti-Aircraft Canon
VADS (Valcan Air Defence System)
Surface to Air Missile
NIKE-J Ground to Air Large-Sized Missle (Launcher)
Antenna Receiver-Transmitter Group, Acquisition (ACQ)
Antenna Receiver-Transmitter Group, Missile Tracking, Trailer Mounted (MTR)
Tracking Station, Guided Missile, Trailer Mounted (RCT)


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