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2000 / 5 / 4 Uppdate.

Imperial Japanese
Swamp Crossing Vehicle (FB)
Length : 6.50m
Width : 2.80m
Hight : 2.60m
Engine Power : 100PS
Max Speed :
14.6Km/h (On the mud)
8.5Km/h (On the Water)
30Km/h (On the Ground)
Crew : 7
Swamp Crossing Vehicle (SA)
Length : 6.945m
Width : 2.945m
Hight : 2.20m
Empty Weight : 8.25t
Engine : Water Cooling Diesel (130PS/2,000rpm)
Max Speed :
19Km/h (On the mud)
8Km/h (On the Water)
35Km/h (On the Ground)
Crew : 2

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