A Brief History of The Draw Poker

Poker is a mere card game for the unacquainted. The learned ones know that it is synonymous with American culture. Las Vegas, the city of casinos, is the proof of it. How has a game become so popular that an entire city is filled with casinos to play it?  Where did it all begin? Let us understand the origins and history of poker through the centuries.

The origins of Poker

The origin of poker is still disputable, with every country claiming a stake in its history. British claim it is derived from the Persian game of “As nas,” which has similarities to the present day Draw poker. The origins of the word poker are still under debate as Parisians link it to the word ‘poque,’ which is, in turn, said to be descended from the German word ‘pochen,’ meaning ‘bluff or Bragg.’ But, according to the Irish, the word ‘poca,’ meaning pocket, shares its ancestry with poker.  Wherever its origins lie, whoever developed the card game. The introduction of bets in the game belongs to America. Hence, it is the capital of Modern Poker across the World.

With its betting and gambling, modern-day poker has its origins around the Mississippi River during the early 18th century. Through trade and travel, the game spread across the region and was also modified many times to suit personal and local tastes; hence many forms of Poker have emerged. We can find evidence of the game in the English Actor Joseph Cowell’s accounts of his life in 1829. Another gambler of fame, Jonathan H.Green, also wrote about it in his book ‘The exposure to gambling Arts and Miseries of gambling,’ published in 1843. Both gentlemen talk about the same kind of poker played with twenty cards, and players were dealt five cards each. Bets were placed, and the highest took it all. With progress, the decks soon increased to fifty-two cards.

During the civil war, poker became the favorite past-time in the bunkers in both the Union and the Confederate Army. Many essential variations of the game emerged and were defined during this period. Draw Poker, where the cards are dealt and are not exposed until the end, became very popular in the west, then called the Wild West.

The Growth of Draw poker

After the advent of the Five-card draw poker, other forms were subdued. In the Draw poker, five cards are dealt face down and around begins with players exchanging cards from the undealt pile for their unwanted cards, and bets are placed; after a few rounds, there is a showdown, and the highest hand takes all the pot. It reigned over the other forms for more than two centuries. During the Gold Rush period in the early 19th century, it became popular with the miners and explorers in the evenings. The ability to play the game deftly came to be known as a symbol of masculinity and toughness with the outlaws of the West. Soon, the Flush and the straight were introduced in the Game. Through riverboats, the popularity of the game spread across the whole country. In this way, it captivated the country for over two centuries.

But, with the advent of seven-card stud poker, the game lost its sheen and retired to the living rooms of the elderly. Still, within families, Draw poker is played for fun. Now, with the games going digital through Situs Judi Bola (betting sites), the Draw poker has returned, and it is sure to stay here for long. To know more, feel free to look over the web.

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