Bet from your Cell Phone

Find a list of betting sites that offer mobile versions for your cell phone. Don’t forget to read sportsbooks reviews and compare betting bonuses to choose the best wagering site

In the last few years, numerous online sportsbook has upgraded their services to offer Mobile Sports Betting. This simple software grants users the ability to scroll through various sporting events, selecting their favorite players, teams, ponies, and greyhounds, betting instantly via the Mobile Sportsbook.

Not long ago, placing a sports bet required visiting a betting bookmaker facility or horse track. Then came the introduction of online sportsbooks, where the comfort of your home or office computer made an ideal setting for all of your sports betting needs. With time comes the growth of technology, and today, we don’t even need a computer or laptop. Anywhere you can get online with your cell phone or PDA opens the window to the wide world of Mobile Sports Betting.

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How to Bet on Mobile Sports

The process is pretty simple. From your cell phone or hand-held device, simply open the application, enter your login/password details, and start scrolling through the available sporting events. Then choose the game or race you wish to wager on. You will be able to view the odds and parameters of available bets, just as with online sportsbooks or Interwin slot games. When ready, enter the amount you wish to wager and place your bet.

You should be able to make a credit card deposit over your cell phone or PDA, but if you’d rather avoid this, use your home or office computer to facilitate all sports deposits and withdrawals. Your online sportsbook account will be linked to your mobile sports accounts, so the funds should be readily available for use.

How to Start Betting from your Cell Phone

The first thing you’ll need to do is make sure your cell phone or hand-held device is adequately equipped to run the Mobile Sports software. You’ll need Internet access, WAP compliance, and the ability to download software from a 3rd party website.

Unlimited Internet access time is recommended, though not necessary for veteran punters. The longer you are using the Internet on your cell phone or PDA, the higher your chances of a big phone bill becoming. If you know what you’re betting on beforehand, you can scroll through pretty fast, place your bet and get offline before wasting up your online minutes.

WAP is a wireless program that allows you to view Internet websites from your cell phone or PDA. If you have Internet access, you should already have WAP-compliant software in your hand-held device, but you can call your service provider to make sure.

Last, you need to be able to download the software from the website. If you’ve never downloaded the application on your cell phone, call your service provider to ensure that you can. If not, you should be able to upgrade your service.

The next step is to visit the mobile sportsbook website. Enter your login details (or create a new account), input your cell phone number, and the link to the download will be sent to you. You can also enter the URL directly into your hand-held device to start the download.

Once installed, the software will run you through the mobile registration process, if necessary, or simply log in to your account. Instruction will be provided on how to make a deposit from your mobile device, should you wish to do so.

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