History Of Online Gambling Slots – Know about it

Today online gambling games have become extremely popular among gamblers across the world, but they are not equal in their popularity. But among them there is one game with incredible and unquestionable popularity, which is still not surpassed by any other game. It is certainly slot machines, which attract thousands of gamblers every day. Online gambling slots today have some unique features, which make them so thrilling and exciting to play. The combination of simple rules and immensly big jackpots allow them to win the hearts of players since the beginning of their way to success. But what about history of online slots?

Due to the rewards and bonus on the online casinos, there is encouragement provided to the gamblers to play the games. Instead of going to the land based casinos, they are interested in playing the online games on Slot Deposit Pulsa while sitting at home with comfort.

The history of slots invention is very interesting, and it is possible to learn many new facts from it. So the first slot was invented in 1895 by a motor mechanic from San Fransisco. His name was Charles Fey and he didn’t even have an idea about the future of his invention. So he managed to construct a huge metallic box with three rells in it. Every reel has several different symbols, including the bells. When a player saw three bells in a row, he won the biggest prize. So the first slot machine was called “Liberty Bell”, and exactly this one became popular several years later thanks to the efforts of Gerbert Mills, who improved some features, having made a larger screen and added a couple of more symbols to it.

Soon slot machines appeared in every town, and one could play them in shops or right at the streets. First of all, Fey made them with his own hands, but then Gerbert Mills started to produce slots at his factory. First slot machines allowed to win only a couple of cents, and the biggest prize was a half of a dollar. Incomparable with modern wins, isn’t it?? Few years later, slot machines became absolutely illegal, so it was impossible to win any money, playing them. But the manufacturers found the way out, and now main prize was a chewing gum or sweets. It was exactly this period of time, when fruit symbols appeared on the reels. Since that time slots got their second name as fruit machines.

However, several years later people got at last the opportunity to play them with money, and it turned out to be that their success continued to increase. In 1940s they appeared in Las Vegas for the first time in Flamingo Hilton Hotel. They won the hearts of women, who were waiting for their husbands playing at the tables. The introduction of slot machines at the hotels has become a new step of their development. They were no longer huge mettalic devices with strange loud sounds, but wooden boxes with quite calm and pleasant music. But still they got a name of “one-armed bandits”. It happened as they had a lever, which resembled the arm and they tricked people out of money the way the bandits did. Still it is possible to meet the slots with a lever somewhere in land based casinos.

1960 has become a critical year for slot machines, as at this period of time mechanical slots were changed for electronic ones. It allowed to introduce many new and captivating features and make the whole process of gambling quicker and more exciting. Now we can play slots at gambling sites which are completely different from their predecessors. Only the general idea remained the same, while all other features were significantly improved. So today every player has an excellent opportunity to try the luck playing these wonderful online slots!

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