Learn To Play Seven Card Stud

There are a lot of variations in poker and the seven card stud is one among the popular poker variation. The seven card stud is played in two ways hi card stud and hi-low card stud. In hi-low card stud the pot containing the staked poker chips are divided into two or shared between the highest hand and the lowest hand. In hi card stud the winner is determined according to the highest hand.

In the seven card stud poker the players are dealt with two facedown cards, id and four faces up cards called cank. Round of betting with poker chips sets is conducted in each round when the faces up cards are dealt. The player form hands out of the dealt cards and the highest hand wins the pot.

After the four face up cards are dealt a final card is dealt face down after which the final round of betting is made with clay poker chips and the players prepare themselves for a show down and the winner is determined according to the hands they have formed out of the dealt sets of cards.

The hand ranking is same as any of the other poker variation and like in other poker games the royal flush is the highest hand and the royal flush is preceded by Straight Flush, Four of a Kind, Full House, Three of a Kind, Two Pair, One Pair, and High Card. With a royal flush you can stake your poker chip sets confidently.

In seven card stud a total of seven cards are dealt. The seven cards include two face down card after which four faces up cards are dealt and finally one single face down card is dealt in the finishing round of betting hence a total of seven cards are dealt. The betting begins in the third round where you start betting your chip sets from your chip cases in each phase.

The game variation has about six stages which include Third Street, Fourth Street, Fifth Street, Sixth Street, the river, and the showdown. The players in seven card stud poker to begin the game need to stake a minimum number of clay poker chips known as ante which is usually staked so that the players can enter the game and bet even more.

The players of the game tries to make the best hand they can and if they feel they have chances of winning, would stake more of their poker chip sets in all the rounds of betting and focus to win the pot and those players who carry their stakes until the show down would win through the game if they have the highest hand on comparing with each other. The players reveal their set of five cards which is at the end of the game and the betting rounds compared to determine the winner of the pot.

For fun

Apart from playing poker for money, people also play k9win for fun. Poker games are designed in a manner that they are fun to play. Therefore, people can sit down with friends, chat while playing poker. It is a good way to catch up and have fun together. Such players will play poker with a minimal stake or play poker on free poker sites. 

The seven card stud is similar to texas holdem and is played in casinos. The k9win variation is as usual played with poker chips and there are different betting rounds the only difference is that the betting rounds and the number of cards dealt in each round are different.

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