Monthly Cash Prizes And Bonus At Casino Las Vegas

Casino Las Vegas is an online casino site that really is just one big bonus party!

This site just needs the smallest excuse and it will give you a bonus earning opportunity. All of this is great though, because it means we all get to significantly boost our funds and play even more online casino games – who said the house always wins! As well as lots of bonus-themed promotions, Casino Las Vegas also has another couple of enticing options that you will not want to miss out on. This Playtech-powered site is also home to huge game titles such as Kong Scratch and The Incredible Hulk. Below you can find some promotion running at this glittering online casino site.

Golden Circle

As we all know with definitive certainty, roulette is one of the most popular online casino games available to play. The thrill of watching the ball roll around the wheel as you hope to win big is just amazing. Casino Las Vegas has come up with a promotion to make roulette even more exciting than it is already. Golden Circle is the name of the promotion in question and it draws large participation from players every single month. Watch out for the 22nd until the 24th of every month because this is when Golden Circle will be running.

Most of the online casino platform like mpo88asia login even provides the players with the timely bonuses and the rewards. The players will be able to make a good sum of money. This will work as the attraction for the players. They will surely love to be on the platform that provides good returns.

Golden Circle is a leader board-based promotion that challenges players to earn more points than anyone else. Every single bet that you make will yield points in this promotion, so get spinning and start earning some! In terms of prize money, there is a first prize reward of $500 at stake in this bad boy, adding lots of pressure. A total cash fund of $1,500 will be provided every single month. It’s up to you to try and place within the top 15 and not miss out on one of the cash prizes. Casino Las Vegas will be rewarding the top 15 as follows:

  • First place – $500
  • Second place – $300
  • Third to Fifth place – $100 each
  • Sixth to Eleventh place – $50 each
  • Twelfth to Fifteenth place – $25 each

Mobile Showdown

Smartphones have permeated the gaming industry, with all of us reaping the benefits of this amazing actuality. Online casino sites have worked hard to develop highly functional apps that can let you experience all of your favourite games from a mobile device. You can play mobile casino games while you are on the move, provided you have a mobile device capable of operating the app. Mobile Showdown is a monthly mobile casino promotion that will let you play to try and win a $250 cash prize. Mobile Showdown and runs from the 25th to the 27th of every month – easy to remember! Play any game that you want and place among the highest wagerers to potentially win some of the fantastic cash. Try to be in the top five and win one of these cash shares:

  • First place – $250
  • Second place – $150
  • Third place – $100
  • Fourth place – $50
  • Fifth place – $50

Four Introductory Bonuses

Let’s be honest, it doesn’t get much better than being welcomed with a fantastic welcome bonus worth as much as £400! That’s how Casino Las Vegas wants to start all of its players with – and you could get this wonderful treatment, too! Casino Las Vegas has an incredible system in place where you will receive a 100% welcome bonus during your first four deposits. That’s unrivalled generosity that few other online casino sites can hope to compete with. So the way it works is, Casino Las Vegas will let you nab a £100 deposit bonus four times in a row – it all adds up to £400, baby!

15% Payment Method Bonus

Another example of the bonus earning generosity of Casino Las Vegas presents itself in the form of an alternative payment method bonus. Every single deposit that you make with Casino Las Vegas can potentially yield a 15% bonus. These babies can be claimed up to £300 every month, so you have every opportunity to claim lots of brilliant bonus funds. All you need to do to claim is make your deposit through one of these many payment methods

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